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October 23, 2018 Curtain

Mistakenly Installed Brass Curtain Rods

Brass curtain rods – In almost every house, you must use curtains in their homes. Including your home too, right? However, do you know if the curtain you installed is correct? And did you know that there are many mistakes? That often occurs in installing curtains in homes that you don’t know? Avoid hanging your curtains too low so they almost touch the floor or even hit the floor. Installing the correct curtain is placed above the window frame.

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You should also avoid installing curtains that are too high if your brass curtain rods are not long enough to cover down. Therefore, before you buy a curtain. Make sure you measure it first to get the size of the curtain that suits the needs of your home window.

Before you install brass curtain rods, make sure your curtain rod has a size that matches the curtain you are about to install. Also, make sure that the curtain rod you have is in accordance with the size of the window you are going to attach the curtain to. Also, make sure that the sun cannot enter the window when the curtain is closed. In other words. Make sure that the size of the curtain rod and the curtains match the size of the window.

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