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October 30, 2018 Curtain

Lovingly Curtain Headboard

Curtain headboard – There is a door behind this curtain that points to the back of our tub. We lovingly call him our fairy door. I have thought about painting it with blackboard paint, magnetic paint, making it a cute little spot for the art, all of which will be beautiful. Minus the whiteboard paint.

Using the old trunk that I found in our basement, Installed a number of 50 lb hanging hooks to make it a little more curved and fit a better rod. Nailing me near the ceiling, and picking up one of our curtains waiting to be hung in the dining room and hanging it. I like the look! After we are ready to hang curtains, I will wrap and thicken the bottom of the curtain headboard to make it better. But for now, this works! I didn’t tie them until they were in the right room, and that really hid the fairy door.

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On the other side of the room with a curtain headboard, it will be another play area. I have folded some of their clothes and saved them, but these are summer items, things that don’t fit. I have to pass it and save it according to my style.

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